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Foundations® glazes are certified AP non-toxic and food safe. Foundations® glazes are available in a broad assortment of colors, opacities and textures. The special formula cause the glaze intermixable, gliedes smoothly, quick drying and no brush stroke appear after firing. Good for any ceramic studio, school and artist to use.

Foundations®系列釉料經過AP無毒和食品安全認證。 Foundations®系列釉料備有不透明度和紋理效果的顏色可供選擇。其特殊配方釉料可混色使用,筆掃上釉時順滑快速乾燥,燒成後且無筆觸出現。適合任何陶瓷工作室,學校和藝術家使用。