Skutt KM1027-3 Electric Kiln
Our even-firing powerhouse.




The KM-1027-3 is known as a real powerhouse because of its large 7 cubic foot capacity and ability to fire to Cone 10. It is a great kiln for those who fire porcelain and stoneware. It has proven to be the most popular model in our KilnMaster line, and has earned a reputation as a kiln which fires evenly at high temperatures over and over again. Again, the addition of the Skutt EnviroVent will help get the most from this kin's automatic firing capabilities. Also available in three phase models.

Electrical Requirements

220 Volts 53 Amps 11,520 Watts

380 Volts 20 Amps 11,520 Watts

Copper Wire Size: 6
Breaker Size:  60A

Maxium Firing Tempature

Cone 10 (1290¢XC)

Chamber Capacity

Depth Opening Cu. ft.
27" 22.38" 6.4