Skutt KM1218-3 Electric Kiln


For easy loading of heavy or fragile pieces, you can't beat a Skutt KM-1218-3. Large 28-inch diameter allows for large platters. Whether the task is delicate porcelain or heavy stoneware, the KM-1218-3 can take you all the way to Cone 10 using cone equivalents or your custom designed Ramp/Hold program. As with all our larger automatic kilns, the Skutt EnviroVent gives you one-touch firing with all peep holes plugged.


Electrical Requirements

220 Volts 1-Phase 53 Amps 11,520 Watts

380 Volts 3-Phase 20 Amps 11,520 Watts
Breaker Size:  60A

Chamber Capacity

Depth Opening Cu. ft.
18" 28.13" 6.6