Skutt KM714 Electric Kiln
Powerful versatility, a real doll.



Porcelain doll makers love the KM-714 because it can handle the components of most dolls in one load, and because it gives them better firing control. For studios firing one or more of our larger KM-series kilns, the KM-714 makes the ideal test kiln, because they can replicate firing programs precisely, regardless of the size of the kiln. The KM-714 electric kiln operates universally on 220V current.


Electrical Requirements

20 Volts 20 Amps 4400 Watts
Copper Wire Size: 10
Breaker Size:  30

Maxium Firing Tempature

Cone 10 (1290¢XC)

Chamber Capacity

Depth Opening Cu. ft.
13.5" 14 3/8" 1.4